Best Xenvo Pro Lens Kit USA 2022

Xenvo pro lens kit for iphone 12
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Xenvo Pro Lens Kit For iphone USA 2022 | Check Price On Amazon Now

  • Universal Camera Lens
  • Compatible with all Single and dual camera phones including all iPhone, android and more.
  • Work out on your creativity – snap stunning macro & with wide angle photos   
  • Truview Capture 45% more picture with every snap  
  • No Dark Corners
  • Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum 
  • Premium optical glass for durability and clarity. 
  • Reinforced Clip Spring
  • Soft Rubber Pads
  • Extra Wide Opening
  • 3 Adjustable Brightness settings like high, medium, low
  • Warm Glow LED Light


Now a days camera lens are important part of our life, I must say. Becasue we would like to visit or travel different places from our daily routine and we want to capture every moment of that every places so we can remember. And for this we need camera or mobile camera is good enough.  

But if you are photo higenic or photo lover or passionate about photoes and you want to take your photography at next level, Xenvo Pro Lens is the best product that you can feel Xenvo difference by using Xenvo Pro Lens Kit than other lens surely.

Let’s check out its features so you can take decision whether is it good to buy or not?

If I am talking about compatible devices then, this device is working with all smartphones, tablets and laptops (For example: Google Pixel, Samasung, iPhone, Huawei and more).

Xenvo Pro has wide angle lens plus Macro lens that is Clarus 15X Macro lens. With the wide angle,  you can capture upto 45% more picture in each and every snap. Therefore, you can shoot natural scenery while travelling, landscapes, architecture, ofcourse selfies and a lot you can do. With macro lens, you can magnify your super close up photoes nearby subjects.

One of the best advantage of this product is, due to clearity, you can grow your busienss. For example, if you are blogger, content creators, social media marketer or professional, you need HD quality photoes and videos to maintain as well as grow your business because now a days photoes and videos are the proof for your business to build your trust and the world is depend on it.    

Yes, this device has reinforced clip spring which has excellent gripping power. Also, the clip is opening extra wide and it made from soft rubber pads. The design made itself like clip fits in every devices and no need to worry about scratch.

Moreover, this device has quick-release lanyard so you can carry your lens while travelling easily. Also, the durocase protects all lens kit component safe and comfortable while using quick release lanyard. Other than that, quick release lanyard makes easy to detach your lens and clip it on your phone. In short, it’s time saving.  

In addition, this device has Glowclip mini rechargable LED light. Through warm-glow LED lights, you can illuminate your best moments. The best thing is you can clip it anywhere on your mobile.

Moreover, you can adjust brightness with 3 settings like low, medium and high.

Benefits of Xenvo TruView wide-angle lens:

1. Xenvo wide-angle lens has additional glass elements which removes unwanted lens distortion so photo will come in straight lines.
2. It has high-quality German optical-grade glass which provides crystal clear images and there will be no dark corners.

To be concluded, according to me this device is best for who are passionate about photography and travelling. Xenvo Pro lens kit has best features that you are looking for. It is very easy to carry and of course for use.

I hope you love this product and its descriptions and I am looking for your suggestions that if I miss anything apart form above, feel free to reach me on contact page.

Have a Great Day! Enjoy!


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